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Name: Gene Nikoli NightOxy.

Nickname: Oxy, Nikoli, or Sky.

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Extra Arts/ Requests/Gifts

Age: Now 16~

Birthday: 13 March, 1996.

Race: Folfsky anthro.

Sexual Orientation: Gay.

Coloration:  He's got red hair on the top of his head running down his back and flecking into the tail, white chest, grey, black and white face, black tips on the paws and white up to the elbow join with white flecking down into it, then white from there on up the arms. Black through most of the torso but the stomach area is white with a light grey sorta thing on the edges of the black and white surrounding the stomach area. A wolf like face. He has paw style hands, but there is still the aposable thumbs and such. All the fingers look kinda like fingers but more kinda... Wider, I guess the words would be. Feet are the same way, like feet but still paws. There is a large scar on the right-hand side of the neck with 4 points in the shape of a mouth (for good reason)

Accessories: Red jasper dogtags set in gunmetal casing with his name and birthdate in pale blue engraving. On a separate chain, there are the details of his boyfriend (link further down). Also has a sword necklace and a greenstone pendant that he has worn for ten years. Also he has a bio suit that allows him to lift the massive weight created by the amount of weapons he carries with him. (This is not a requirement in any which way during a drawing or anything)

Clothing: He wears a Bio-Suit (Not required), Dark blue jeans that end below the knee, bright red tank top that won't restrict movement, or no shirt. No shoes, because they always break (hello, paws -sarcasm-), goggles with green Perspex lenses that rest on his forehead (computer system installed in lenses to assist in his line of work [will explain in history]), half fingerless gloves that expose his pads. A rather long black trench coat with gothic style buttons, that go from just below the waist up to just above the pectorals, thus allowing his greenstone pendant to show.

Personality: Easily depressed but lovable, cheers up quickly, chatty, doesn't do small talk well, very friendly, curses when annoyed to an extent. Also, he is never very good around the regular human being.

Relatives: Asylum 'Lum' Garnet Winters, his cheeky black and grey anthro fox cousin, Maryanne Winters, his aunt. His uncle, Davide Winters, died at the exact time that Gene was born. He never knew his parents, and still wants to find out if they're alive so he can meet. [explained in history]

Likes: Red meat and chicken (cooked, of course, red meat can be raw), weaponry, his accessories, most music, his friends, good movies, good books, fast internet, nice/fine wines.

Dislikes: His boss [explained in history], bad books, bad movies (ie, Twishite D:<) getting annoyed/pestered (don't we all?), being talked to while 'away', slow internet (ie, dial up).

Loves: His baby tricolor (black, white, grey) husky puppy, Salum. (Pronounced Salemn. The Lum part comes from the nickname he gave his cousin.) Sam, his adopted dragon (ask Abizaga about this.) and his boyfriend. (… )

Can usually: be found hanging around his cousin, who designs his weapons, or out target shooting. Also builds the pre-designed weapons. Also can be found on the internet. Found with Zeke, Sam, Abizaga, and Salum, or, his love, Sieghart~

Will never: Drink every single day.[explained in history], but,  and usually only with friends or his love, he will have a drink or two, usually wine. ^^;

Will always: Use computers with fast internet, be around his boyfriend and other friends/family.

History: Gene was born and left at birth in the hospital as the doctors told his parents that he wouldn't survive. Stupidly his parents believed them. A few days later Gene just got up and walked out of the hospital completely unnoticed.

A couple of years later Gene witnessed a shooting and this is what sparked his amazement with all kinds of weaponry. The gun that was used at that shooting was thrown towards Gene and he decided he would kill the killer. That first time he fired the gun his brain got slightly messed up as the weapon hit his head. This little accident has messed up his memory and now he can not remember his time in the hospital, thus meaning he cant remember his parents. Also after finding the gun he got involved in a knife fight which scarred his face and now he has a huge scar running from his right eye down to his jaw, thus, causing his heterochromia to be brought on a lot earlier than was thought. His right eye is now sky blue and his left eye green. A couple of days after he got into the knife fight he came across his cousin, Asylum. She told him that he could stay with her and her mum. She then tried to teach him how to say her name but he failed with this so she told him to call her 'Lum. At the age of 4 Gene got his greenstone pendant as a gift. This pendant never left his sight and is always taken with him where ever he goes. The red jasper dog tags he bought so if he was killed he could be identified.

Years passed but Gene was unhappy with where he was living, so he left his aunts house and became a wanderer. When he was 8 he had been picked up and taken to a facility that was, unbenounced to him, a training facility for assassins. These assassins are the top of the class and they took him under their wings, not worried that he was scarred and an animal as they called him. They taught him how to use the weapons of the trade including the katana's they use for CQC. (Close Quarters Combat) Of course, now the Katana is Gene's favorite weapon and he has them hidden under his trench coat almost all the time, unless of course he's sleeping or with Sieg. He soon became an expert and was sent out on his first mission, but he was sick of his boss, Hamish, so he faked his death and left the facility completely. This did not go unnoticed and he was soon looked for. To this day the assassins still haven't found him, they gave the search up many years ago.

At the age of 10 he went so-lo and came across a pair of goggles that he fancied. He bought the goggles and retro fitted them with a very advanced computer system that tracks all of his targets and is also a targeting system that will always calculate the best shot. These goggles have a GPS system in them as well that way he always knows where he is. At the age of 11 he began to make all his own guns as the generic weapons would not allow him to pull the trigger as the trigger guards are not intended for paws. These custom built weapons are all designed by 'Lum and made by him.

At the age of 12 Gene was taken away by the government and subjected to testing and experiments. All of these went horribly wrong and now he has an alter ego named Foton. If Foton is allowed to get out then it makes it harder for him to change back to himself. This is why gene tries his hardest to stay away from water (NB: Foton is only used in some RP's and is not to be confused with Gene) Because of these tests Gene Decides that he's now going to stay away from a lot of people, deeming himself as a freak, he must also wear a bio-suit to help him carry all of the weapons he has, WHEN he has them with him. He NEVER takes his Katana's away from his person, and that, is a fact.

At the age of 13 Gene came across some alcohol and drank it, he will never drink again as when he did drink this small bottle Foton decided that Gene was weak and decided he would take advantage of it and escape, so to this day Gene will not drink, unless he is with others that can help. (Foton's character bio will follow later on.)

Now he is 15 and living in HotelFurry with 'Lum always watching over him. He also has a house that he, 'Lum, Abizaga, Zeke and Sam go and visit sometimes. He has very recently moved out of the hotel and now has a rather large sum of money, a beautiful house and a lovely boyfriend whom lives with him, and many, MANY , cars all of which are used whenever wanted/needed or, given away to friends or family. He also supplies his cousin, 'Lum with precious metals and semi-precious stones for all her works. He only supplies her with semi-precious stones as he suspects that the diamond that he gave her (10 carats) was smashed when she was using it as a drill bit.
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Read through it all. Amazing stuff!
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how the f does he walk out of the hospital after being born!? nice stuff here~
folfsky101 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2011
Because he's a fox/wolf/husky hybrid. They all are able to walk once being born.
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